Italian metamorphoses in Ekaterinburg: Respighi – Romitelli – Maderna – Eurasia Festival 2015 (review;

Italian musical metamorphoses in Ekaterinburg****

Ottorino Respighi. Trittico Botticelliano ‘Three Botticelli Pictures’, Concerto Gregoriano – Fausto Romitelli. Dead City Radio – Bruno Maderna. Composition No. 1
RAI National Symphonic Orchestra, Marco Angius, conductor, Josef Špaček jr, violin – Eurasia Festival – 7 October 2015 – Sverdlovsk State Academic Philharmonic, Great Hall, Ekaterinburg 

‘The highly anticipated concert of the RAI National Symphony Orchestra at the second day of the Eurasia Festival attracted much attention due to an opportunity to make acquaintance with an Italian musical landscape of the last hundred years. Not exactly a retrospective, the programme put a spotlight on three composers and featured two layers, characteristic for the Italian music and its development in the context of the European cultural tendencies before and after the Second World War’…. 

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