O. de Kort. Pianoscope Festival, Beauvais. Opening concert: Berezovsky, Debargue, Mercier, Guttman (review; Bachtrack.com)

Musical expressions of Pianoscope****

Edvard Grieg. 8 Lyric Pieces, Two Norwegian Dances –  Gabriel Fauré. Berceuse, op.16 – Astor Piazzolla. L’Histoire du Tango: Bordel 1900, Nightclub 1960 – Igor Stravinsky. Petrushka: suite for piano à 4 hands (extracts) – Frédéric Chopin. Ballade no. 4 in F minor, Op.52 – Maurice Ravel. Gaspard de la nuit.
29612-boris_berezovsky_david_crookes__warner_classicsBoris Berezovsky, piano – Lucas Debargue, piano – Michael Guttman, violin – Hélène Mercier, piano – Pianoscope Festival – 15 October 2015 – Maladrerie Saint Lazare, Beauvais  
‘This year, the Pianoscope Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary. Ten years in the old Picardy city of Beauvais, ten years under artistic direction of the pianist Boris Berezovsky and ten years with the participation of renowned musicians who meet each other in remarkable piano and chamber music formations, specially for this occasion. The programme of the opening concert of this jubilee edition was already promising enough but the changes announced duiring the concert made it even more noteworthy.’…
Read the full review on Bachtrack.

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