Olga de Kort. Theodora – Handel – Les Arts Florissants – 7.11.15, Concertgebouw Amsterdam (review, bachtrack.com)

 30644-275-philippe_jaroussky_simon_fowler2_resizedA profoundly impressiveTheodora from Les Arts Florissants in Amsterdam
G.F.Handel. Theodora – Katherine Watson, Theodora; Stéphanie d’Oustrac, Irene; Philippe Jaroussky, Didymus; Krešimir Špicer, Septimius; Callum Thorpe, Valens; William Christie, conductor, Les Arts Florissants – 7 november 2015 – Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

‘The Handel’s oratorio Theodora cannot boast the popularity of his best-known work, Messiah. No glorius reception, no triumphant performances, no enthuisiastic reviews: the composer’s personal favorite was staged only four times during his lifetime, to be safely forgotten for ages. The biographers can only guess the reasons, but perhaps the most probable explanation lies in an interior treatment of a dramatic subject of this oratorio.’… 

Read the full review on Bachtrack.

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