O. de Kort. Scriabin’s Mysterium (review, bachtrack.com)

skrjabinScriabin’s Mysterium: Universe and Mankind on their way to Transfiguration
Alexandre Scriabin. Mysterium (unfinished) (Realized by Alexander Nemtin) – NTRZaterdagMatinee – Concertgebouw, Main Hall, Amsterdam – 28 november 2015
Netherlands Radio Philharmonic, Netherlands Radio Choir (Groot Omroepkoor), Vlaams Radio Koor, Markus Stenz, Conductor, Alexey Zuev, Piano, Marisol Montalvo, Soprano
‘An idealist, mystic and a dreamer, Alexander Scriabin talked about his Mysterium for years but never had time to work it out or even write it down. He hoped to be ready within five years on condition of a quiet, concentrated and financially secure life, requirements he actually never experienced in his life. But still, he made plans for moving to India and building there a sanctuary for everlasting mysteriums which would change the world. No audience, just creators and participants: artists, musicians and open-hearted and inspired people able to create the new universe. He dreamed of spiritual transformations due to the power of “synthetic art” accumulated in orchestral music, songs, dances, lights, colours, special fabrics, ritual smoke and perfumes.’…
Read the full review on Bachtrack.

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