O. de Kort. Via Crucis meditation with De Leeuw and Sellars (bachtrack; review)

17.03.16, Eindhoven-ViaCrucis-OdeKortFranz Liszt. Via Crucis, S 53 – Reinbert de Leeuw, Piano – Peter Sellars, Presenter – Muziekgebouw Frits Philips, Eindhoven – 17 March 2016

‘The weeks leading up to the Easter are traditionally seen as time of reflection and meditation. Every year the hundreds of Passions are being played all around the world, not forgetting Seven Last Words and Via Crucis which can also count on a renewed seasonal interest. Franz Liszt’s Via Crucis is itself a result of the Easter week meditation. The Stations of the Cross at Good Friday procession, held in the Colosseum during Liszt’s stay in Rome, made a profound impression on the 70-year old composer. ‘… Read the full review on Bachtrack.


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